On September 22, Project CARS 2 was released and we were able to go for a smooth ride with Project CARS 2 on PixelStellar cloud gaming platform.

Using PixelStellar Alpha,  we were able to play the game through our Steam account at a flawless 60 fps on the highest settings. The streaming quality was excellent and not different from a high-end PC. There was no input lag noticeable. Moreover, we were able to test the game with an ideal latency. This means that the game was very responsive on the PC, which has a great effect on the quality of the riding experience. 

What our team thinks of Project CARS 2

Maxim Project CARS 2 on PixelStellar Cloud Gaming PlatformI love race games in general, and was amazed by the realistic gameplay of Project CARS 2. I’ve been waiting for the 22nd to finally play this game on PixelStellar. I will soon buy a force feedback race wheel to make the game feel even more realistic.

– Maxim, sacrifices his spare time testing, to make sure you’re having an amazing experience on PixelStellar

Niels Playing Project CARS 2 on PixelStellar Cloud Gaming Platform
The game was pretty fun, a step upwards from the first game. The game got a lot more realistic in a way and the graphics are a nice improvement as well! Although we had trouble braking and steering at the same time, might just be us being bad though! (editor’s note: Niels forgot to turn on assistance and ABS)

– Niels, making sure PixelStellar systems rock every day 24/7.


Sander Playing Project CARS 2 on PixelStellar Cloud Gaming Platform“I’m not very good at racing games, so I struggled getting around the track at times. But I loved the realistic behavior and look of the cars and the detailed racing environments.” 

– Sander, awesome developer at PixelStellar.




Play Project CARS 2 on PixelStellar here.

Playing Project CARS 2 on PixelStellar Cloud Gaming Platform

You can purchase Project CARS 2 from Steam or order it directly from Projectcarsgame.com