Recently, we launched PixelStellar Alpha: A revolutionary cloud gaming platform which enables gamers to have the best gaming experience, from any device. However, PixelStellar Alpha has only limited capacity. To bring PixelStellar Beta to the market, we need your support! On the 20th of September we launched our crowdfunding campaign on Hello! crowd.

What is our PixelStellar Beta crowdfunding campaign all about?

Backing our project is about supporting a scale up company and its innovating product: PixelStellar. With PixelStellar, gamers no longer have to invest in a high-end gaming PC and expensive updates. Using our platform, you will get your own gaming PC in the cloud, with dedicated high performance graphics card. You won’t feel a difference: It’s like running the game on a local high performance PC. Another benefit is our low latency. We host the virtual gaming desktops in a datacenter with high speed and low latency internet connectivity. Typically, we see a latency of 1-2 ms towards game servers on our virtual gaming desktops, while on a residential internet connection, this would at least be 20 ms. By backing PixelStellar Beta, we can build more servers and thus give an even better gaming experience to you!

What’s in it for you?

You can already back us for the amount as little as €5. Your support deserves a spot on our wall of fame, as we will give you our eternal gratitude on Facebook and Twitter. It might be a small number, but it means the world to us!

Be the first to experience our cloud gaming platform! Pledge from €10 and you will receive awesome stickers for your laptop and free hours of gaming on PixelStellar. From €50 or more you will receive a laptop sticker, a stunningly designed mouse pad and a lot of free hours of gaming on our platform! From €75 or more, you will get an invitation to our launch par-tyyy! So get your dancing shoes ready! And of course a mouse pad, laptop sticker and a ton of free hours to spend on

For €500 or more you will get a PixelStellar Rasberry Pi! Plug it in and start gaming with a friend in a matter of minutes. You will also have the possibility to spread the 590 gaming hours over two different PixelStellar desktops, so you can share with a friend. Of course, you will also receive a mouse pad, laptop sticker, and two invitations for our exclusive Beta launch party! There are a lot more of packages you can choose from on our website so be sure to take a look on our Hello! crowd page!

Keep an eye out on our Hello! crowd page, which will offer you all the information you need. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to tell your friends and family about our upcoming crowdfunding campaign! You can find the campaign here: