We have created PixelStellar with the mission of enabling gamers to have the best gaming experience, from any device, at a very affordable fee.
For €1 per hour, www.pixelstellar.com provides gamers with a powerful cloud gaming PC. They are allowed to play games with high graphics demands from low-end devices.
Gamers purchase online and play over the internet. Only pixels are streamed on their device, just like watching Netflix.


As for the latency issue, because we host the virtual gaming desktops in a datacenter with high speed, low latency internet connectivity, the latency from the game to the server will always be lower than when gamers do the same on their residential internet connection.
Typically we see a latency of 1-2 ms towards game servers on our virtual gaming desktops. As for a residential internet connection, this would at least be 20 ms.

Play your favourite games

We have already pre-installed some of the most popular gaming platforms (such as Steam, Uplay, Origin, etc). Therefore, as soon as gamers create their account on PixelStellar, gamers will be able to immediately install all their favorite games, just like they would do on their local PC, and start playing.

Sign up here: http://www.pixelstellar.com/signup/

Read more about the launch of PixelStellar Alpha here.